The quality of wine depends on the quality of the ecosystem
and the soil is the primary fundamental element.


Our first objective is the safeguard and development of the natural fertility of the soil. In order to enrich the structure of the ground and guarantee the best conditions for the growth of the vine and the quality of its fruit, we only carry out the green organic fertilizer sowing in autumn, the mechanic weeding in spring and summer, the essential biological sanitary treatments and treatments with horn- silicon and horn-manure.


An irreplaceable contribution to nature, agriculture and viticulture is provided by “BEES” which contribute to improving the wellness of the environment.

Many beehives are present in our vineyards, which supply pollination an event necessary to develop the aromas in the wine. The Bees also contribute to the wellness of the vines by increasing the yeasts necessary for the fermentation.  Furthermore, the healing action carried out on the grape, keep diseases such as botrytis under control.

Our challenge is to keep the environment healthy so the BEES can continue to enrich the biodiversity.

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